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We at Markhor Lifestyle understand and recognize the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibilities in a coordinated and committed approach.

We strongly emphasis that our business should contribute to the economic development while improving the quality of life for every one as well as improving the living standard for all local communities, environment and society at large

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities activities; we conduct our activities in a discreet manner. We have played active role in the past and we continue to do so in contributing to communities & societies directly or via volunteer firms and bodies such as Non-governmental Organizations in the health and community development sectors.


We are also focus and concern on growing disease in Women such as Breast Cancer and in Men as Prostrate Cancer.

Plus we are also very concern with the use of Gutka – Betel Nut and  Wad – Naswar ( Powdered Tobacco) – in new generation which is not only causing the mouth cancers and kidney disorder respectively.

We strongly support any activity of awareness for this cause and also budgeted portion of sales for charity and assistance of people who is facing this alarming disease.