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Important COVID-19 Updates.

Creating a Comfortable & Safe Shopping Experience @ MLS in Lock Down or Limited Working Hours Routine.

1/-       We must follow the guidance and instruction from local government, Industry Trade Association and comply WHO instructions as its come.

2/-       Our priority is to Stay Healthy for Our Customers, Employees and Community we are living in.

3/-       Health Checks are Important for all Employees, Staff and workers with the change of shifts.

4/-       Covid 19 – Vaccine Certificate is mandatory for all staff and Employees.

5/-       Need to follow all safety protocols dedicated to Covid –19.

6/-       All Inbound and Outbound packages and mail would be sanitized upon receipt and held for 24 hours aside.

Together, we are hopeful that we can all make a difference.

Thank you for your cooperation and patronage with Our Brand.

With Gratitude, Team MLS.